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The Best Blackwork Tattoo Artist Bobby Grey, Blackwork Tattoo, Negative Space Tattoo, Abstract Blackwork Tattoo, Blackout Tattoo Amsterdam, Wicthinghounl

Welcome to my Blackwork Tattoo website!

The Best Blackwork Tattoo Artist, Amsterdam Tattoo Artist, Abstract Tattoo Artist The Netherlands

Witching Hour tattoos has been creating distinctive tattoos since Halloween 2016. With the mission to create unique, fully custom and artistic tattoos.

My name is Bobby Grey, born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. I am resident tattooist in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The styles I like to tattoo most is solid Blackwork Tattoos, Abstract Blackwork Tattoos, Blackout Cover-up Tattoos, Negative Space and Trash Tattoos!

Best Regards,

Bobby Grey

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